What is a condensed essence ?

Gao Fang (a thick condensed essence) is a health tonic with a very long history. Records show its use dating back to the Han dynasty. It is highly sought after because the thick concentrated essence is the result of hours of dedicated brewing by traditional Chinese herbalist methods. The unique technique of producing Gao Fang ensures that the precious herbal properties from the finest authentic herbs are carefully extracted, concentrated and preserved.

the heavenly promise

Every bottle of Heavenly concentrated essence is freshly brewed and bottled only after you place your order. Heavenly's Gao Fang is based on trusted, time-tested herbal prescriptions that work. It is a condensed tonic that is effective, compact and convenient. Do ask us for our customised Gao Fang (condensed essences) to meet your specific needs or try our popular Gao Fang formula that helps working adults fight fatigue. Heavenly's popular Gao Fang (condensed essences) are used as daily tonics to improve health and wellness, and as an anti-aging supplement.